The Greene Turbine
was invented by Geoff Greene of Memphis, TN. Geoff and Dr. John Hochstein of the University of Memphis, have teamed up and validated this invention.  Each turbine has an internal fluid drive that can provide multi-megawatts of affordable, pollution free electricity. This system operates underwater powered by ocean and/or large river currents. The biggest advantage to the system is once deployed and operational there is a very low cost to maintain the system.

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Greene Turbine 
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Welcome to Greene Turbine

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Greene Turbine

Artist rendering of two individual 100 foot Greene Turbine "engines" each on their side after being assembled near their designated launch site.  They are both ready to be towed out and righted while being submerged into their own mooring location which reside in one of the many large deepwater "power zones" of the mighty Mississippi River. Most areas in rivers only accept smaller turbines; the Gulf Stream, however, easily accepts many 250 foot turbines which are also being planned.

How It Works

The Greene Turbine uses a closed fluid drive system that transmits the hydrokinetic energy to the electric generator (turbine) without a mechanical connection. The tanks, located within the outer portion of the wheel, are interconnected with pipes and valves so that water in the tank at the top,12 o'clock, flows through the hydroelectric turbine in the hub and drains into the empty tank beginning at 3 o'clock. The water falls through this fluid drive system onto a turbine and generates electricity like water falling in a conventional hydroelectric dam.

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